Widespan Shelving

Widespan Shelving includes four basic components; uprite frames, beams, shelf supports, and shelves. Widespan features a clear opening between posts and shelves adjustable 2″ on center. 

These shelves are ideal for Liquor Store Cooler Shelving, and Backroom Storage Areas.

Product Details    
One-piece uprite frames for units 48″ – 120″.
Uprite post slotted on face, allows shelf adjustment 2″ on center.
Square holes punched on sides of uprite post for accessories.
Accessory holes punched 6″ on center on face of uprite also aid beam placement.
Top caps included on each uprite.
One frame required for each section, plus one at end of each run.
Floor anchors, floor protectors, or back to back connectors may be ordered separately.
Evenly distributed load of 10,000 lbs per uprite frame at 48″ max, beam spacing, vertically. 
Reinforced frame available in 72″ – 120″ H and all depths.