Do not allow carts to be dropped off the curb. Do not allow overloading of the cart. Do not allow employees to slide a line of carts sideways on pavement or other abrasive surfaces, as this will cause flat spots on cart wheels It is recommended that no more than 5 carts be pushed at one time.


Make sure rows of carts are straight. Do not use excessive force when nesting, as carts will be difficult to separate and damage can occur. Do not lift the rear of the cart.

Seat belts should be buckled, and gates closed before carts are nested.[divider]


Store carts inside store, if possible. Do not allow carts to contact interior/exterior walls. If carts must be stored outside, install cart corrals with canopies throughout the parking lot, or close to the building. Sidewalk curbs should be high enough that the bottom frame of the cart hits the curb, and not the front wheels.

Customers & employees should always use access ramps. Clean carts every 3 to 6 months – pressure washing is recommended. Don’t let this happen to your carts![divider]


Due to the normal wear and tear of shopping carts, the following items should be checked regularly:

  • Safety belts: Damaged or worn safety belts should be repaired or replaced immediately
  • Shopping cart frame: Carts with bent or twisted frames should be removed immediately
  • Basket and gate: Carts with bent or twisted baskets or gates should be removed immediately
  • Fasteners: Loose fasteners should be tightened or replaced immediately
  • Wheels & Casters: Damaged or worn wheels or casters should be replaced immediately
  • Plastic accessories: Chipped, cracked or worn pieces should be replaced immediately