Due to the intended use for a shopping cart, transporting groceries, the following Safety suggestions are advised:

  • Post safety warnings where carts are nested in your store.
  • Educate your employees as to when and how to intervene when they observe unsafe usage of carts.
  • To prevent the cart from tipping, do not allow shoppers to overload the cart.
  • A child should not push the cart if the height of their shoulders is below the handle. Child must be able to see over the front basket of the cart.
  • Manufacturers strongly urge installation of child safety belts on all carts.
  • Do not permit shoppers to place more than one child in the baby seat of the shopping cart at any time.
  • Do not allow shoppers to place children that exceed the 35 lb weight limit in the baby seat.
  • Place child in baby seat only. Do not allow a child or children in the basket of the cart.
  • Do not permit shoppers to allow a child to stand up in the baby seat.
  • Do not permit shoppers to allow children to ride on bottom rack.
  • Do not permit children to climb on the sides of cart, as this will cause tipping.
  • Do not permit shoppers to leave their child in a cart unattended.

It is the responsibility of the owners/users to operate and maintain shopping carts consistent with the safety and maintenance recommendations.

Any shopping cart, no matter how well constructed, may fail in use as a result of mistreatment or improper maintenance.

To reduce risk, we strongly recommend that you read and follow all maintenance instructions and safety information before placing your carts in service.

Your satisfaction is very important to JNE Retail Equipment Inc.

If you have any questions concerning the proper maintenance and/or safety of your shopping carts, please contact us at 403.243.2705.