Gondola Wall Shelving

Wall sections are one sided sections that can be configured to fit almost any space at any length. These units can be designed with different back options, different shelf and deck sizes or radius deck sections. 

Available in 30 colors and finishes, including metallic and textured options.
Available with 8 different backings including pegboard, slat wall, and painted.
Sections can be combined for any length of run.
Canopies, parts, and accessories easily mix and match for a unique look and personalized function.

Product Specs

Unit Height:    Available from 36″ to 120″ in 6″ increments
Unit Width:     2′ (24″), 3′ (36″) and 4′ (48″)
Base Decks: Available from 13″ to 31″ in 3″ increments

Color: Available in over 30 colors & finishes – mix and match available

Add On Accessories

Additional Shelves
End Panels
Light Fixtures