VSG Pedestrian Gate

The VSG is a crowd control gate that opens in a single direction. The gate provides a 36″ passage opening. The VSG pedestrian gate’s hydraulic dampener smoothly self-closes the gate after opening. 

The VSG Pedestrian gate is used in store front entry design layouts to provide public accessibility for special needs patrons. This crowd control gate is often used to provide special needs access in access control applications in conjunction with security turnstiles and gates. 

The VSG Pedestrian gate is a solidly built gate. The gate has a hydraulically dampened self-closing mechanism that provides a smooth, controlled, closing operation. The gate opens in a single direction. The VSG pedestrian gate has a lower kick plate which serves as an impact point for entering carts and wheelchair access. 

Product Specs

Finish: Stainless Steel Finish

Height: 40″
Width: 62″ 48