Sof-Runner Wheels

Sof-Runner Wheel helps move the Cart with Ease, and presents the Customer with smoothness of running with minimal noise generation on all surfaces. 

5 Year warranty
High load capacity
Will not chip, crack or become brittle
Tempered steel precision ball bearing
Thread guards to seal & protect ball bearings
Resistant to grease, oil & most chemicals
Reduce maintenance costs by 50%
Non marking
Quiet operation

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Sof-Runner wheels are built with four target areas in mind to give customers assurance that every wheel is manufactured with quality components to provide unequaled performance. 

Polyurethane Tread
The unique grey polyurethane tread is mechanically bonded to the height impact polypropylene hub which eliminates tread separation.

Steel Precision Bearing
The precision sealed ball-bearings is insert-molded directly into the high impact polypropylene hub of the wheel. This eliminates shaking very common to shopping cart wheels and offers exceptional rolling ease.

Polypropylene Hub
The stylish hub design incorporates a curved slope to provide improved resistance to side impact thrusts.

Thread Guards
Seals and protects ball-bearings from foreign objects and increases life of the hub assembly.

The Sof-Runner Wheel is the ultimate Luxury Wheel that carries a five year Warranty, that is pro-rated 20% per year against normal wear and tear. Warranty does not apply if the wheel is damaged as a result of improper use or flat-spotting caused from dragging the wheels.