GDO Pedestrian Gate

The GDO Pedestrian Gate is a durable, self-closing double gate set that swings in a single direction. The gate provides a 48″ opening, and can allow easy passage for grocery carts, strollers and wheel chairs. 

The GDO Pedestrian Gate can be used in all types of environments. The Gates can be installed in conjunction with turnstiles and modular posts and railings. The rugged rubber strips protect the gate from repetitive impacts.

The CSG gate can be configured to swing 90 degrees in either direction, or configured to operate with a 180 degree swing. The gate has a rugged gravity closure mechanism that smoothly closes the gate.

Built to withstand the demands of today’s retail environments. The gate and hinge post are solid welded assemblies, fabricated from steel. The hinge posts have a rugged gravity closure mechanism that closes the gates after opening. Solid steel strike plates are welded to the front of each gate. The plate is covered by noise dampening stripes that absorb impact and substantially reduce metal on metal clanging noise. 

Product Specs

Finish: Chrome Finish 

Height: 40″
Width: 62″